Australia’s newest, most innovative wall panel.

Liminal wall systems

Liminal Wall is an innovative high performance wall system that uses a high-quality slender cement extruded Liminal Panel to create a new cost-effective solution for the construction market.

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What is Liminal?

The Liminal wall panel is a lighter weight extruded panel that can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a conventional wall, made of durable concrete, and boast a slim profile. Our system can be used both internally and externally providing accomplished fire, acoustic and insulation capabilities. It’s not just a pretty face, offering cavities for running services. The Liminal wall panel comes in a range of standardised sizes or can be manufactured to suit your specific project. Liminal can replace the need for a stud wall in both new and existing builds. Our external wall systems offer a high- quality facade that will increase street appeal, save time and cost with a clean architectural finish.

Need to know

High-quality manufactured Liminal panel with an installation method that will provide a

  • Reduction in build time, prompt install, no render, ready for paint
  • Reduction in cost of building materials
  • Reduction in cost of additional specialised trades, less organising , less down time
  • Increased internal floor space
  • Simplicity of construction and design finish
  • Varied architectural facade designs to suit any build plan

Liminal Panel is for everyone

From the homeowner to the builder, architect, designer, installer or developer, the Liminal Wall System has been designed to deliver advantages of thermal, sound, fire, quality, durability and speed of installation to the Australian construction industry.

The Liminal wall panel is seeking to provide a cost effective wall solution to suit a spectrum of projects for domestic housing, Low-Rise and Multi Residential construction, for internal and external placement.

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Which Liminal Panel is for you?

With several applications for our 35mm and 50mm cement extruded panels:

  • External Wall single story
  • Second Story Housing 
  • Internal & External Wall multi-story and inter-tenancy
  • Sound barrier fencing

3 product designs:

  • Liminal Smooth is for those requiring a timeless classic smooth wall finished. Your final coat will either maintain the smooth finish or provide a textured feel.
  • Liminal Express is perfect for creating a hint of character to long sections of façade. Liminal Express showcases a beautiful vertical shadow line every 600mm to provide your project with a tasteful touch of difference.
  • Liminal Groove creates a contemporary bespoke finish with a beautiful vertical pattern that will give your project that extra flare all while offering a strong durable wall to last the ages.

Liminal, not just a panel…

Liminal is backed by specialists with over 30 years experience.  Our founders have firsthand experience within the Construction industry, from product development, quality control and supply chain analysis to delivering projects from residential to commercial high rises.

This expert knowledge of the industry is what drove them to research new products and work with creation teams to source a walling solution to meet local market demand.

With numerous options in the market, the team had a goal to find a product that required fewer trades, is light yet strong, provides sound fire and acoustic properties and most importantly, a product that will last the test of time.

Incorporating these key needs, the team has developed the Liminal Wall System and believes it will be a positive change for the future.

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